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Canberra: Flute Bakery, Fyshwick


You know the saying ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’? Yep, I am the fat kid! Sweet things are my weakness, especially delicious cake. So, when I get a day off from work, the first thing I do is make a beeline for The Flute Bakery in Fyshwick. They’re only open from 8am – 3pm on weekdays, which makes it incredibly difficult to get to unless you take some time off from … Continue reading

Recipe: Christmas popcorn edible gift


My last post about edible gifts from the Capital Region Farmers Market inspired me to make my own edible Christmas gift! So I decided to make a low-cost Christmas gift you can give to friends, family and colleagues! Christmas popcorn is a delicious, affordable and very easy to make festive gift. It’s also a fun activity to do with kids! Ingredients 5 tbsp  canola oil ½ cup popcorn kernels 250g white chocolate 6-8 regular sized … Continue reading

11 Delicious Christmas Gift Ideas (and giveaway)!


Do you buy your Christmas feast produce at the farmers markets? Why not do your Christmas gift shopping while you’re looking for your Christmas feast ingredients? There are plenty of fantastic Christmas gifts at the markets – the biggest difficulty you’ll have is deciding whether or not you want to give away all those goodies (or keep them for yourself)!

Canberra: AKIBA, Civic (with menu)


Possibly the most hotly-anticipated new restaurant in Canberra in recent months, AKIBA invited the first 100 people through its doors on Saturday night to have their first six dishes for free. (My free dishes in this review can be identified by the asterisks next to the prices.) AKIBA is a vibrant and fun casual dining establishment that has a lightning strike for a logo, always spells its name in capital letters and is named after … Continue reading

Canberra: Friday Night Drinks at OPH


It’s almost summer and that means you probably want to drink while the sun shines on your face. I know I do. So I was stoked when I was invited by Restaurant Associates to check out Friday Night Drinks at Old Parliament House! The last time I was at OPH for after work drinks was back in 2008! I was keen to see what had changed.

Recipe: Caramelised pork san choy bow (filled lettuce cups)


By playing around with the ingredients, this recipe can be as simple or as complicated as you want. This is the complicated version but I rarely use all the ingredients (as you can see in the image below) as it tastes almost as good with only half the ingredients! I almost never bother with the rice noodle but it does make the dish slightly fancier. To save time, you could use frozen vegetables at step … Continue reading

Canberra: Where to go for Friday night drinks?


A reader asked me a question on my Facebook page yesterday – where are some good Friday night drinks and happy hours in Canberra? I was on my way to dinner when I saw the message so couldn’t reply straight away, but when I went to find the message again, it seemed to have disappeared… Hopefully she’ll find the answer if I post it on here! My answer would be that I usually seek out … Continue reading

Style: 8 fun ways to wear floral print


Florals add a flirty, feminine element to any outfit and is of course, perfect for the spring season. But not all floral prints are the same and you don’t have to reserve them only for the races or a special occasion. Depending on the size and colours of the blossoms and the cut of clothing, different floral styles convey different looks. Floral prints can be dramatic and bold or subtle and pretty. The key to … Continue reading

Review: CIT restaurant, Reid, Canberra


Have you ever wanted to try a degustation but couldn’t really afford one? If you like elegantly presented food at an affordable price, I have found the perfect place! The CIT restaurant in the Reid Campus offers a very affordable lunch menu that changes on a regular basis (changing every school term). You can have one course for $15, two courses for $20 or three courses for $25. Yep, you read that correctly. 3 courses … Continue reading