Welcome to The Food Avenue!

I'm Eileen and I love sharing my foodie adventures. I hope you stay a while and find some food inspiration here, whether it be a fabulous restaurant to try or a game-changing new recipe.

My food background

I was born in the food-obsessed nation of Taiwan, where dining out is the national past time and checking whether someone has eaten is the standard greeting. Taiwanese drinks, snacks and desserts are huge global exports and Taiwanese fine dining is attracting attention from the international food scene.

Suffice to say, growing up in that kind of food culture, food is a huge part of my life and it makes me happy to talk about it, to photograph it and to write about it.

Restaurant/bar/cafe reviews

I’ve always been that annoying foodie who had to take a photo before I ate my food (waaay before it became mainstream). I started the blog as a place to post all my food photos so I didn’t overwhelm my Facebook friends with them. I really enjoyed sharing information with people about new restaurants and great food that I had discovered, and especially to keep my family in Brisbane updated on what I was up to, halfway across the country (hi Mum!)

I then realized not just my mum was reading my blog and that other people wanted to find out information about a restaurant before they committed to having a meal there. The best foodie experiences I’ve had were usually with someone who knew which were the best dishes to order in a particular restaurant. I hope my reviews and photos of the dishes can help you navigate your way around Canberra’s best eateries and help you decide on what dishes you’d like to order!

If you’re not familiar with the Canberra food scene, I’d highly recommend checking out the four main dining precincts – Braddon, Civic, New Acton, and Kingston. There are also suburban gems hidden away in the corners of Canberra that only a local can tell you about, so look out for those!


My mum makes the best food ever. If I were asked what I would have for my last meal, it would have to be a home-cooked meal by my mum. For a while now, I have been trying to recreate her dishes but because she never measures anything when she’s cooking, it’s really difficult to develop a recipe! So, it’s a work in progress. I hope one day to develop a collection of her recipes to draw on again and again. A dish that I have managed to recreate and is a pretty popular recipe on this blog, is my Taiwanese braised pork belly! I highly recommend giving it a go – it’s really easy and delicious!

I’m often inspired by the dishes I see in restaurants, in food magazines, on menus, on TV, on other blogs. I can’t bake but my ultimate dream is to one day be able to make macarons so I don’t have to spend all my money buying them!

I like high impact and impressive dishes but easy recipes. Once I find a base recipe I like, I’ll often use it again and again to experiment with different flavours. My easy ice cream recipe immediately comes to mind. I’ve made Bailey’s ice cream, peanut butter and maple bacon ice cream, earl grey tea ice cream to name just a few.

I hope you have fun on this site and take away some useful information about dining in Canberra or a good recipe you'll use again and again!