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Beach Burrito Company in Canberra

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If any Garema-located eateries are suffering a sudden drop in their weekday lunchtime crowd, they may have the recently opened Beach Burrito Company to blame!


Located in the old The Australian pub, the newest burrito shop in Canberra opened on Wednesday and Canberrans were already piling in. Looking around inside, it looked a bit like a beach shack permanently celebrating the Day of the Dead.


“Imagine Willy Wonka went to Mexico and fell in the love with the local cuisine, relocated to Canberra and opened a cantina which served the finest Mexican food in all the land.” -from Beach Burrito Company Civic’s website. (There are 6 other locations in Sydney)

On my first visit, I originally ordered the prawn burrito bowl but they had already run out of prawns! So I changed my order to the tempura fish burrito bowl ($17.95). The flour tortilla bowl was delightfully crispy and the ingredients inside (beer battered tempura fish, Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, shredded cabbage, salsa blanco and chilli salt) tasted fresh and complemented the crunchy texture of the bowl.


I was impressed with my burrito bowl and went back for lunch there today. This time, I tried the Taquitos (3 for $9.95 or 5 for $14.95). They’re corn tortillas with your preferred filling (chilli con carne, pible pork, chipotle chicken or tofu and roasted veg), flash fried and served with sour cream and guacamole. Beware! I decided to order them because I thought you could choose a range of fillings, but apparently they all have to be the same filling. Rightio. So I chose chipotle chicken as my filling. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the taquitos. They were a bit dry and I couldn’t really taste any chipotle flavouring and there weren’t any other ingredients in the tortillas for variety.


This sign then caught my fancy…


So I ordered the Churros for one ($8.95). It seemed to be a bit pricy but at least the chocolate was actual melted chocolate. The churros itself was crunchy and coated in sugar and cocoa powder.


My initial impression of Beach Burrito Company Civic is that the food is tasty but priced on the higher side. The menu is quite extensive and I’d be keen to try out some of their other meals!

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  1. Michelle says

    We had lunch here today and we will definitely be going back!

    We both ordered the tacos and you can get any choice of filling for these and can choose from a gluten free soft taco or a normal crunchy one.

    I ordered a crunchy one with a garden filling (v) and a soft one with the tempura fish. My husband had both soft tacos – one with chilli con carne filling and the other pulled beef. They were winners all round although I found the fish one a little spicy for my delicate palate.

    Highly recommended and the food is really fresh compared to the other mexican chains. Give it a try!

    • Food Avenue says

      Hi Michelle, thanks for leaving a comment! I really enjoyed the tempura fish one too! Although I do agree that it was a little spicy!

      Also good to know you can order the tacos gluten free!

  2. Robin Perry says

    Shame what happened to you guys. You started out with such promise. Unfortunately, you have the stench of a restaurant on the beginning of a terminal slide, like so many Canberra places that start out with a bang. You get popular and then have a laugh at customers’ expense

    Last three times I’ve been there it has taken a real turn. Initially I thought it was a one off but it’s clearly becoming the norm: Cash registers down one night (hard to control technology, sometimes, fair enough), next time didn’t have three of your best kinds of beers on sale, last time I went it was impossible to get glasses for wine, even after much begging and pleading (it seemed staff were so off their feet they didn’t have time to wash the glasses). And always massive queues to give your order. Service isn’t bad though, when you can find it – I suspect a lot of this come down to being under-staffed. Trying to save a couple of hundred dollars in the short term will only lose you customers, and very rapidly. It’s not just me – my friends are of the same view. I’ll give it another shot but it could be my last. Please don’t go the way of so many other Canberra eateries – make an effort by valuing your customers and not trying to cut corners.

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