Ask Eileen: Branch lunch in New Acton, Canberra

Every now and then, friends contact me for restaurant advice. I’ve decided to publish my answers in case others had the same question!

Hi Eileen,

We are having a Branch Planning half day in New Acton, Canberra.  We are following the session with lunch.  Do you know somewhere close to Nishi where we can have our lunch?  I guess parameters for us would be:

  1. Needs to be within walking distance (probably no more than 10 minutes)
  2. Sensibly priced
  3. Nice food
  4. Room to fit 25-30 people in.

As you are the restaurant guru, thought you may know!


Hi Catherine,

Your parameters make it a little tricky to recommend a restaurant. Not many places near Nishi have room to fit that many people.

Biccletta (an Italian restaurant) may be the only place that might be close to suiting your requirements.

If you are a willing to walk a bit further, I suggest trying the following places:

Café Arirang – 1 Hobart Place, Canberra

  • A Korean café with affordable prices. May be a squeeze to fit everyone in.

Sudio Café – 16 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra

  • A recently opened café with a youthful and fresh feel. The breakfast and lunch menus are modern and creative. May not fit 30 people.

A Baker – 15 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra

  • Modern and edgy restaurant and bakery at a higher price point. Plenty of seating available.

Xchange on London – 7 London Circuit, Canberra

  • Typical café fare in a bright space, frequented by professionals. Plenty of seating.

Cupping Room – 1/1-13 University Ave, Canberra

  • Youthful and vibrant café with boutique coffee and modern café menu. Doesn’t take bookings.

Unipub – 17 London Circuit, Canberra

  • Casual pub menu with the usual staples. Plenty of seating available.

PJ O’Reillys – 52 Alinga St, Canberra

  • Irish pub with the usual pub fare. Plenty of seating available.

Asian Café – 32 West Row, Canberra

  • Affordable Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes with plenty of seating.

Mama’s Trattoria – Shop 4, Melbourne Building, 45 West Row, Canberra

  • Simple, homestyle Italian dining. Will probably fit your numbers.

Outback Jack’s – 99 London Circuit, Canberra

  • Australian dining chain serving steaks, burgers and ribs. Plenty of seating.

Treehouse Bar – Sydney Building, 32 Northbourne Ave

  • Seasonal, affordable lunch menu. May be a squeeze to fit everyone.

Good luck!


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