Breakfast at Kusina, Canberra


Asian style breakfasts are rare in Canberra. So when I heard that Kusina, the sole Filipino restaurant in Canberra served breakfast, I immediately made a note to check it out the first chance I could. Looking at the menu, it seemed like most of the breakfast dishes were lunch dishes but available earlier in the day (from 9am). This didn't bother me in the slightest, as I was used to having lunch-like dishes for breakfast in Asia. (I totally need to do a post just on Taiwanese breakfasts!)

As it was after 11am when we arrived, two dishes were no longer available: the Ube Pancakes - purple yam pancakes, maple syrup, berry compote and vanilla ice cream; and the Pacman Breakfast - eggs, bacon, garlic sausage, mushroom, potato hash, and pandesal bread.

Macgyver Boyfriend was super disappointed he couldn't get the Pacman Breakfast!

We were both quite taken by the sound of the Longsilog - garlic sausage (made fresh by our mama), garlic rice, and fried egg.

But we settled on two completely different dishes.


MB had the Eggs Lola Flora ($16) - scrambled eggs on pandesal bread, sauteed spinach, crab meat, sriracha chilli and mayo. Whoever thought of putting crab meat in scrambled eggs was an absolute genius. It was a perfect flavour and texture combination, complemented by the creaminess of the mayo and the kick from the sriracha!


I loved my Chixsilog (14.50) - crispy fried chicken, banana ketchup, garlic rice and a fried egg. What's not to love about crunchy fried chicken? In fact, all of the components of this dish were delicious - from the aromatic garlic rice, to the sweet/spicy banana ketchup, the gooey fried egg and the pickled vegetables on the side to cut through the richness of the dish. It was an adventure of textures and flavours!

Next time, we'll be back to try the Ube Pancakes and the Pacman breakfast!

Kusina is also famous for their boodle feast, which is only available on the last Sunday of every month. A range of delicious Filipino dishes are presented on banana leaves and you have to eat the food with your hands - no cutlery allowed! It's fun and delicious!

The Low-Down on Kusina Eatery type: Filipino restaurant What to order: Eggs Lola Flora, Chixsilog, Boodle Feast Best for: hearty home-style meals with family and friends Website: Phone: 02 6288 8461 Address: Coolman Court, Weston Creek, ACT 2611

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