9 hearty meals to warm you up in Canberra


1. Spit-roast What's more warming than spit-roasted meat? The lamb souva ($16) from Wood and Coal's lunch menu comes with a massive side of the best chips in town - crunchy as anything and super hot. One of the best value Civic lunches in my opinion.


2. BBQ Ribs

Grab some delicious ribs smothered in BBQ sauce at PJ O'Reillys in Civic - available every Saturday night. $35 for a full rack and a jug of beer or $25 for a half rack and a jug of beer. Probably the best value ribs I've had in Canberra.


3. All you can eat BBQ

Sitting right in front of a barbeque is sure to keep you warm at Yummy Chinese BBQ in Civic. You can grill your own skewers on the awesome barbeque contraption that automatically rotates the skewers. There is also a mini hot pot and a hot and cold buffet. $35 per person for the basic buffet, $45 per person includes seafood options.


4. All you can eat hot pot

If you prefer hot pot (also known as steam boat) over barbeque, Up To You Restaurant in Belconnen is just the spot. It is also a cheaper all-you-can-eat option at $25 per person. Their huge range and seemingly endless supply of hot pot ingredients is impressive. I've also heard their clay pot rice dishes are great too.


5. Noodle soup

Feel like some hot soup but don't want an extravagant all-you-can-eat meal? There are some great noodle soups to warm you up. Noodle Cafe in Civic does $11 lunch specials which include a filling laksa and a flavoursome beef pho that never disappoints.


6. Steak

Arguably, the best steak in Canberra is at Chifley's Bar and Grill in Barton. The menu dedicates a whole page to different types of steak, so you know they're serious about it. Good quality steak cooked perfectly. The meat was tender and juicy and I just loved the rich sauces that accompanied.


7. Pasta

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food. The Loft Bar and Grill in O'Connor does pasta with elegance. Get the Lobster Risotto. You won't regret it.

8. Curry

Possibly the best curry dish in Canberra is the Chilli jam crispy soft shell crab at Kinn Thai. It doesn't sound like a curry, but there is definitely a delicious curry at the bottom of the gigantic bowl of soft shell crab. Yum!


9. Pizza

Pizza is another warming dish - perfect for winter! Briscola Pizzeria has a fantastic pizza recipe. The base is beautifully al dente in texture and topped with the right amount of ingredients and balanced flavours.


What did I miss? Where are your favourite hearty meals in Canberra (or your city)? Let me know in the comments below!