Jamie's Italian Aperol Summer Garden

The Food Avenue contributor Housh Fallah finds out what's new with Jamie's Italian...

Jamie's Italian Aperol Summer Garden is a hot place to be at for the next few weeks. On from 5pm daily until 23 December, it's ideal for an after work wind down.

By all accounts at the launch party, the Aperol spritz cocktails are a winner, and the food - fried polenta with creamy garlic sauce, pecorino toscano with chilli jam, chocolate brownie with meringue, and their new artisan pizzas - I couldn't get enough of.

There was also crab on crackers, and arancini that I missed out on. The rest made up for that though, and the brownie and pizzas are worth a visit on their own. The brownie has a rich muddy texture with that slight cocoa bitterness that I loved - will have to learn how to make it like that.

And you can tell they've got that pizza oven running super hot with some scorching on the pizza bases that goes great with the classic Italian topping. Well classic as I know it anyway.

Now I just have to gather up some friends and head over there again.

Housh is the food editor of no magazine. He loves food though and loves to cook, doing his own take of classic Filipino dishes and many other cuisines. Landscape photography is also a passion of his, and on the odd occasion, food photography. Check out his photography on instagram, facebook and twitter.