Kitchen at Beaver Galleries dinner degustation

Back in February, I was invited by Michelle from Hercanberra food and The Kitchen at Beaver Galleries to the first dinner at Beaver Galleries. Normally a café, they are now doing a chef's table dinner every second Saturday.

White bean cappuccino with oyster

White bean cappuccino with oyster

I was impressed by the first dish, a white bean cappuccino with oyster. The flavour of the warm soup was delicious in spite of the "beany" mouthfeel which I'm not a fan of. I've also never been all that keen on oysters cooked with other ingredients. The flavour of the oyster is always lost. Oyster kilpatrick is the worst offender. But it wasn't the case here. The soup didn't overpower the flavour of the plump and juicy freshly shucked Sydney rock oyster. It would be a theme repeated throughout the evening with the other dishes. Each protein would be cooked to perfection and the accompanying sauces would enhance, rather than overpower the natural flavour of the protein.

Not only do they source the best organic produce, but they also believe in aquaculture sustainability. It costs $85 for 4 courses. It was an exceptionally delicious meal featuring a quail pie, crown roast duck and a tonkabean brulee with green apple sorbet. However, the portion sizes were a tad small for me and I felt like I could do with a snack afterwards.

Kitchen at Beaver Galleries
81 Denison St, Deakin ACT 2600
+61 2 6282 8416