Sunday in Canberra - Gungahlin cafe

After seeing an article showing a rainbow bagel at the Gungahlin cafe Sunday in Canberra, we decided to check it out last weekend. #eatingfortheinsta and all that. The cafe is very cute and has instagrammable signs and decor.

Not surprisingly, it was packed. The bagels were also sold out.


So we looked at the menu for something else. We got the Gravy Eggs ($20.35) - poached eggs, streaky bacon, hash brown, spinach, herbed mushrooms, pico de gallo and gravy hollandaise. Sauce is everything. It gives a dish flavour. When it's actually mentioned in the title of the dish, I thought we’d get a mini gravy boat or at least the eggs would be slathered in gravy.

Gravy Eggs

Gravy Eggs

We also got the Sweet and Savoury ($20.35) - caramelised ham, kransky, hash brown, fried egg and cream cheese on mini waffles with maple syrup, bananas and berry compote. The waffles were mini alright. They were the thinnest waffles I had ever seen. Thinner than pancakes even. Give us a decent-sized waffle and the dish would have been perfect.

The Sweet and Savoury

The Sweet and Savoury

Was the food tasty? Yes. Was the plating pretty? Yes. Was it filling? Definitely not. We needed second breakfast.

Service was a bit hit and miss, given how busy it was. You order at the counter and there was an issue with the cash register so it took a good 20 minute wait before I could order. Good thing I wasn't there with bub by myself.

Sunday in Canberra cafe is pricey for what you get. Our meal came to $54.89, which included a large Marble Mocha $5.50, Iced coffee $7.59, and a Babycino $1.10. These prices included the 10% Sunday surcharge. Even without the surcharge, I would expect prices and portions like these in New Acton, but not in Gungahlin. I did like the old school tunes they were pumping though.

Sunday in Canberra
Open 7.30am - 2.30pm 7 days a week
Phone: 02 6179 4591
Address: 54 Ernest Cavanagh St, Gungahlin ACT 2912 (near Aldi)