Review: Golden Myanmar Cafe, Civic, Canberra

A sandwich board sign caught my eye today and thought I'd take a closer look! Golden Myanmar Cafe is located near the casino end of civic, between Transit Bar and Indian Affair in the City (previously, Digress). Golden_Myanmar_Cafe5


After a chat with the owners (I assumed!), I discovered that the new cafe opened Tuesday this week. The same family also owns Red Hill Tea House.


The interior is colourful and bright, but there is limited seating inside. They have applied for an outdoor seating license so there should be more seats available soon.

This is the menu on offer:


After much deliberation, I finally asked for recommendations. Unless I heard wrong, these $5.50 noodle soups are common for breakfast in Burma, so I decided to try one!


The amazing price meant that the portion size was much smaller than a regular-sized noodle soup for lunch, but I quite liked the size of it. And it still came with a decent amount of chicken! The soup was my favourite part of the dish, as it had a subtle base-flavour. Condiments of lemon juice, fish sauce and chilli were brought out as well. I love being able to tailor a dish to my liking!! The noodles seemed a bit like the ones from instant packets, but other than that, it was a lovely dish for a great price!


The service was friendly and the lunch prices are hard to go past! I can't wait to try more dishes from this place. Perhaps the spicy pork and mango curry will be up next...