Saigon rolls (banh mi) in Civic!

Colleagues of mine love going to iPho, a Vietnamese place in Garema Place for lunch. After huge reviews of the crispy skin chicken (nicknamed "CSC" for short), I decided I had to try out the CSC for myself. I wasn't disappointed - as you can see from the photo. The dish definitely lived up to its name! But this post isn't about the CSC, it's about my discovery of saigon rolls in civic! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While I was getting my CSC, I discovered that they had started selling saigon rolls (banh mi)! At $8 each, it costs a bit more than at Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin, but I've been waiting waaay too long for them to open a more easily accessible store in civic. So I had to go back the following day and test it out.


It's a decent size roll, slightly dry at first but if you eat in, you can use the sauces provided on the table to add some extra flavor to the roll. A splash of soy and fish sauce was the kick it needed. iPho were generous with the pork liver pate and the chilli was very mild, perfect for chilli wusses like me! So now I can get my saigon roll fix whenever I want! :)