Lawn bowls at The RUC


I had a really great Sunday afternoon and it was all because of lawn bowls. The_Food_Avenue_The_RUC4

Although I had lived in Australia pretty much my entire life, lawn bowls was an activity I had never really played before. So when The RUC in Turner invited me* to play some bowls, I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I went with Macgyver Boyfriend and some friends. I was quietly confident I was going to kick some ass because I smashed it at ten pin bowling on our very first date.

The RUC staff were very friendly and (for my benefit) explained the rules of the game to us. And that's when I realised the balls were weighted on one side. WTF?!

We split into two teams - boys vs girls. I soon discovered that barefoot bowls was an easy game to play but a hard game to win.

Luckily, we had some delicious sustenance to keep our spirits up!


Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make a comeback and the boys comfortably beat us 13 to 5. Don't they look chuffed!


Despite the horrendous loss, I still had a great time. What I loved was the camaraderie (the thought of team sports usually gives me nightmares) and casual pace of the game. I rarely walk around barefoot (outside my house) so I really enjoyed the barefoot meandering on the greens.

Canberra put on the beautiful weather that day, so it was a perfect semi-lazy Sunday afternoon sipping cold drinks and playing some lawn bowls with friends. It certainly won't be the last time - I've already demanded a rematch!

Lawn bowls at The RUC Address: 54 McCaughey St, Turner Phone: 02 6247 7838 Cost: $15 per adult for bowls, $8 for ANU students Open: 7 days a week

*The Food Avenue was given a $75 voucher to spend at The RUC.

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