Lunar New Year Celebration 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!! My friends and I ushered in the new year over hot pot! For those who are uninitiated, hot pot involves having a large pot of broth (or two) on the table and you add various ingredients into the pot (e.g. thinly slice meat, corn, cabbage, noodles, seafood meatballs, egg dumplings etc). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I'm not normally a huge fan of having hot pot unless it's with a fairly big group. When you have a lot of people, the range of ingredients in the pot generally increases and I love trying a bit of everything!


It was a very warm evening (about 37 degrees celcius) and it was suggested that we have "cool pot" where the food would be pre-cooked in the pot on the stove and then put on the table once everything was cooked. But it didn't seem right without having the pots in front of us, cooking it then and there, and scooping the food straight out of the pot!

There's just something about hot pot - you have to cook the food together! (that's the whole point of hot pot!)

We let our full bellies rest for a bit (by playing a bit of the boardgame Articulate) and then it was onto dessert! We had a not-so-Asian (but scrumptious!) pavlova, mango pudding, various fruits (grapes, watermelon, lychees) and icecream, egg rolls and Asian-style sesame snaps. It was all super delicious!!



It was fantastic to catch up with friends over a magnificent Chinese new year feast! Xin nian quai le! Gong xi fa cai!!

Let me know in the comments below how you celebrated the beginning of the lunar new year :)