Truffle Class at 3 Seeds Cooking School

If you're a foodie who loves to cook, 3 Seeds Cooking School gives you a great learning and dining experience. 

The cooking school is located at the Fyshwick Markets above Ocean Fresh Seafoods and Cafe. The purpose built kitchen allows for four large cooking stations. 

I was invited along to the first truffle class of the season, which was in the French style. I've been to quite a few truffle degustations and I have to say that this truffle meal was the most luxurious and complex one. There were so many layers of truffle flavour in each component of every dish. If you want to know how to create dishes like these ones, read on below!

Entree: Pillow of butter puff with truffled scallops and an asparagus sauce

Pillow of butter puff with truffled scallops and an asparagus sauce

Pillow of butter puff with truffled scallops and an asparagus sauce

Main: Eye fillet of veal with a mushroom cream and truffle sauce

Eye fillet of veal with a mushroom cream and truffle sauce

Eye fillet of veal with a mushroom cream and truffle sauce

Dessert: Truffled creme brulee

Truffled creme brulee

Truffled creme brulee

Some tips I learnt from the class

  • The truffle aroma attaches well to high fat foods like butter and cream. It also attaches well to foods that aren't as pungent as truffles (and are usually white in colour). The only exception to this rule is chocolate. Truffles work better with dark chocolate than white chocolate because of the higher cocoa butter content in dark chocolate.
  • Truffles cost about $2.50 per gram. So work the truffle hard to build up a layers of good value. Infuse the truffle in eggs, and then in cream before shaving to make it go further.
  • Truffled scrambled eggs doesn't just have to be normal scrambled eggs with truffle shaved on top. You can use truffle-infused eggs, truffle-infused cream, and cook in a pan with truffled butter. And then season with fresh shavings and truffle salt! Look how hard you made your one truffle work!
  • Always infuse in glass, not plastic. Change the jar daily because of the condensation. Beware of botulism.
  • When using wine in cooking with truffle, use sherry because it has been aged in oak so it has more synergy with truffle (produced from oak trees). Similarly, when finding wine pairings, don't choose wines that are fruity. Choose wines that are more earthy.
  • When sealing meat, warm up the butter enough to release the aroma of the truffle but don't burn the butter (it kills the flavour of the truffle). Don't salt the meat before sealing, it draws the moisture out. Use a tea towel to cover resting meat, not foil. Foil doesn't let the steam evaporate and stews the meat. Cut across the grain of meat (for raw and cooked meat).
  • Vacuum sealing truffle with protein is a great way to infuse meats like chicken or veal.
  • Truffle doesn't work with berry dishes but is great for infusing with honey. You can use this truffle honey to drizzle over cheese or ice cream or crusty bread with truffle butter.
  • You can also use truffle in cheese. It infuses well in hard cheeses like pecorino, and in soft cheeses like brie.
  • Some easy truffle dishes to try at home include: truffle pasta, truffle risotto, steak topped with truffle butter.
  • Public and private classes are available. Prices for each class vary depending on the length and produce used. They include a meal at the end and complimentary wine. Friends are able to join in for the meal at the end at a cost.

Here are a few easy truffle recipes you can make at home (reproduced with permission).


Upcoming cooking classes at 3 Seeds Cooking School

  • 23 July – French Truffle Class
  • 24 July – Truly Wicked 3 course Truffle Dinner
  • 30 July – Truffle Workshop
  • 31 July – 3 course Truffle Brunch
  • 6 August – Italian Truffle Class

If I could spend every weekend at this cooking school, I probably would! Check out the Winter Cooking Class Schedule on the 3 Seeds website. More truffle events are on the Truffle Festival website.

The Food Avenue cooked and dined as a guest at 3 Seeds Cooking School. All opinions are our own.

What are some other ways you would use truffle? I would love to hear your ideas below!