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C Dine Bar – Buck a Shuck Happy Hour

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I was gobsmacked when I heard that $1 oysters were available in Canberra. C Dine Bar’s Friday afternoon happy hour not only offers $5 tap beers, $5 tap ciders and $5 selected wines, it also offers oysters for $1 each. I had to see it to believe it.

When I arrived at C Dine around 5:30pm, the outdoor area had a very relaxed, casual vibe – the perfect way to wind down after a hectic work week. However, as it got closer to 6pm, the tables started filling up very quickly and it was harder to get the wait staff’s attention. When we put in our orders, I asked how many oysters people generally ordered. Conservative people ordered 3 oysters (what?!) but others ordered up to 4 dozen oysters for themselves (that’s more like it!). That made me feel less bad for ordering two dozen!

My friend ordered the different flavours separately and they came on separate small plates. But I ordered two mixed dozens and they came on big glass platters with salad on the side as well.


I love having natural oysters with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice – the tangy sour juice cuts through the creamy richness of the oyster and also brings out the sweetness of the oyster as well.

For those who aren’t fans of raw oyster, there are three other flavours to choose from: tempura, mornay and kilpatrick. I liked them all for different reasons.


The oysters mornay were enveloped with delicious grilled cheese. Everything tastes better with melted cheese.

The tempura oysters were texturally unique to the others, and delivered a nugget of crunch…but that was about all. For me, the tempura batter was much too thick and I could barely taste the oyster within.

I loved the flavour combination of the oysters kilpatrick. The sauce and the bits of bacon really complemented the salty sweetness of the oyster.


$24 for 24 oysters is incredible value. I don’t think you can even buy raw oysters from a supermarket or seafood shop for that price!

Buck a shuck happy hour is on every Friday from 4-6pm at C Dine Bar.

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  2. Tania says

    Buck a Shuck is seriously great value. A local establishment in Broome offering half price oysters (which are normally priced at $40-45 for ten…yes only 10!) doesn’t even come close.

    • Food Avenue says

      Tania, $40-45 for ten is absolutely ridiculous!!

      Sadly, I just found out that Buck a Shuck happy hour has very recently been replaced by 1kg of “wing dings” (sounds like you’re eating a font) for $10 instead. :(

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