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Saigon rolls (Bánh mì) @ Saigon Fresh

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Saigon rolls are back in town!!

My love of Saigon rolls (bánh mì) began when Hub Asian supermarket opened right next to my apartment complex in Belconnen. It was my weekend ritual to pop downstairs and grab a fresh, made-to-order Saigon roll for lunch. So when Hub grocers closed a couple of years ago, I was devastated. I searched everywhere in Canberra for bánh mì but couldn’t find it anywhere! :(

When I heard that a Vietnamese place in Gungahlin was selling them, I immediately made plans with a friend to check it out!!

Any Saigon roll (pork, chicken, meatball, vegetarian) costs $5.50. A combo deal costs $8, which includes a soft drink from the fridge. For an extra $1, you can upgrade to the drinks on the menu – juice, smoothie or Vietnamese ice coffee.

As soon as I took the pork roll (shown above) out of the paper bag, I could immediately smell the distinctive Vietnamese aromas wafting up from the roll. The baguette was crusty and the pork slices tasted like pork (as opposed to indistinguishable mystery meat slices). The slices of cucumber, red onion, pickled carrot and coriander lent a summer-like flavour to the sandwich – and the fresh chilli gave a nice kick. The best part was the generous slather of pate and mayonnaise underpinning the whole thing. All elements were artfully combined to create a perfect equilibrium of sweet and sour flavours, smooth and crunchy textures. The flavours of the chicken roll (shown below) were just as impressive.

I couldn’t help compare the rolls to the Saigon roll I’d had in Brisbane during a work trip. During my Canberra bánh mì drought, I was left with no option but to seek it out wherever I could! The Saigon roll (shown below) I tried at Little Saigon Grill in Brisbane city’s Rowes Arcade was good at the time, but cannot compare to the true Vietnamese flavours served up by Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin.

It’s only the second week Saigon Fresh has been open, but clearly all the bánh mì lovers in Canberra have already heard about this place – the staff were kept busy with a steady stream of customers.

Food wise, they’ve kept it quite simple – focusing mostly on serving Saigon rolls and rice paper rolls. However, the drinks menu is quite extensive, with an exciting selection of juices and smoothies. I wasn’t game enough to try the durian smoothie, but I did give the cane sugar juice a go (which was nice but kinda gave me a sugar headache :S) And for some reason, my juice was served in a styrofoam cup, which would make more sense if it was a hot drink. Hopefully, they’ll switch to using recyclable plastic cups rather than (non-biodegradable nor recyclable) styrofoam cups for their cold drinks.

Saigon Fresh have identified a gap in the market and chosen to offer fresh, flavoursome bánh mì, which is a huge relief – the search for Saigon rolls in Canberra is officially over!!

Food Avenue rating: 8/10

Now all we have to do is convince them to open up a shop in Civic – all you office workers in Civic would love to have a Vietnamese style baguette for lunch right, right??

Leave a comment below if you like the idea of Saigon Fresh in Civic!

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  1. Anonymous says

    The bakery at Fyshwick markets (the one in the right hand corner) also sells Banh Mi Thursday to Sunday. Their pho isn’t bad either.

    • Thanks for the tip – I didn’t realise you could get Banh Mi at Fyshwick. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  2. Anonymous says

    i have been advocating for a banh mi place in civic for ages, there would be such a market (ie me every lunchtime)!
    Do you know the opening hours of this place? Will have to take a trip out!

    • Depending on where it would be located in civic, I’d quite happily have this every lunchtime as well!

      Don’t remember the exact opening hours but pretty sure it’s something like 9am – 5pm. Let me know your thoughts after you try it :)

    • Anonymous says

      So I went there on wednesday, they are open everyday 9-5 then like 10-4 or so on weekends. Was pretty good, had the pork but would like to try the chicken too. Just a pain its so far from the city!

    • Thanks for the update and the opening hours! The chicken one is great! I think I prefer it to the pork one, but it’s a close call…

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m addicted to these rolls! I almost always have it for lunch. Fortunate that it is next door to where i work, :))

  4. Matthew jokic says

    The new store is Saigon street foods in belconnen market ,they have very good Banh mi

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